Georg Prokosch


Your own website on the World Wide Web!

A dedicated website does not have to be expensive:

A simple website with about 6 - 8 pages can be realized with € 300.- to € 500.- !

Many Internet Access Providers have Web space already included in the price per month, which means your homepage costs no extra and you are still on the internet to find.

But also register your own request name on the Internet in the form of www.ihrName.at costs not the world (currently about € 10.- up to 30.- per year) and an Internet server to publish your web pages is also available for about € 60.-  annual fee.

If you want it a little more comfortable, then use a so-called CMS such as Joomla or Typo3, so you can also provide your website quickly and easily even with input and adjust or remove items.
You can this also allow your friends to whom you give a password. In a word: genuine interactive web on your own site, realized from € 600.-

Please, contact me if you have questions on this topic.