Georg Prokosch


Remote Maintenance


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If you have a working Internet connection, problems can be solved on your computer from a distance. This saves time and money, there are no travel costs and it will be billed at the normal hourly rate to at least half an hour. (€ 25.-)


Corporate remote maintenance is commonly now for many years, special motherboards with remote support chip allow even the switching on and off the computer remotely. Meanwhile, however, the remote also works quit easily on normal PC's, as they are in every household. This assistance and maintenance has become useful for this group of PC users and offers several advantages:
Hardly waiting times, as a remote maintenance usually can be carried out immediately. No times are lost for arrival and departure to / from the customer, much more rapid error diagnosis because the behavior of the computer can be much better monitored.
However there is a psychological problem: Most home PC users are shocked when they see how the PC suddenly act's without their assistance and can be freely used by 'strangers'. They know of cyber attacks and computer hacking but that the own PC can be concerned, they do not believe, because it was never seen. Common reaction: No,  I will not let you on my PC.
Well, that is their right, but they tend to forget, that they will be asked for remote maintenance and they can watch all the actions I do. Criminals, however do not ask and hide their activities so that they not even noticed them as victims. This is probably an important difference!
And probably the most important thing: customer need to have confidence to the  computer technician in any case, even if he repairs the computer locally next to them, they would not notice manipulation anyway. It makes for a professional no difference whether he locally looks in the computer or remotely!
How it works:

If you are interested in a future remote maintenance or remote training a small program will be installed on your computer. You start this program when you are prompted by phone from me. The program window shows you a password, which you inform me and which applies only to that single remote support session. Then I can see everything on my office PC what also you can see on your screen, I can hover your mouse and I can enter commands on the keyboard on your computer. So I have a quick overview of the situation and can offer you appropriate help.