Georg Prokosch

For certain activities, there are flat-rate prices, since the required time for one and the same activity can be very different. A slow hardware can extend certain activities many times. To avoid that the costs are getting too high when recognizing such problems I use a package price regardless of the time I spent on. In that case it is mostly necessary to make a  repair in the company, ie the computer must be taken with me.


List of activities with a package price:


System acceleration by more memory (RAM), the installation could take place locally, older computer are working significantly faster € 30.-
Replace the hard drive with a larger model or by a modern fast SSD.  Cloning the old disk usually requires a lot of time, the computer must be brought into the company for thus! € 60.-
Make an Internet access via  ADSL-cable modem or a wireless USB stick, complete configuration and set up the e-mail addresses € 60.-
Acceleration of the system by optimizing a old Windows Operating System (declutter, defragment, remove unnecessary software, etc.) € 70.-
Upgrade your computer from Windows 7 to WIN 10  or WIN 11 plus setup your user software with import of all existing user data € 80.-
Set up Operating System Windows 10 plus thirty part software € 80.-
System Repair after virus contaminations using software tools € 90.-
Data recovery after computer failure (the removed hard drive is still readable)    € 100.-
Everything about e-mails (mostly very time-consuming)    € 120.-
Set up the LINUX operating system with all needed programs and detailed training of the operator    € 130.-
Set up the APPLE operating system with all needed programs     € 130.-
Changing to a new device:
Set up the operating system with data recovery and dubbing of user data, installing old programms, reinstall all old user-accounts, mail-accounts and so on...
€ 150.-

It is possible to arrange package prices for all services.