Georg Prokosch


Felix von Katzenstern

From the beginning of our company with us, he is characterized by special tenacity in pursuit of goals, nothing can dissuade him from a conceived project.

He is irreplaceable for the company, especially when it comes to lengthy time consuming goals.





Elias Mutzkatz

Elias is agile and make quick decisions, if a path leads not soon to a target, he tried immediately an alternative plan.

He also presses uncompromising the DELETE button on the computer if he does not like what he is seeing there, a lot of programming work was already disposed of by him, and thus no longer let loose on humanity - we owe many thanks to him.

Elias has left us, but in our hearts he will live forever. Thank you Elias, you have given us so much.



Paulchen Panther

Paulchen is quite extraordinary, I know nothing comparable! Unshakeably he keeps to the company. Nothing, but nothing at all can scare him. But he can also expect that we are always with him and he can rely on us completely. And that's exactly what gives him the security he needs to do all the amazing things we love.





Tommy Tiger

Tommy is our climbing cat. Nothing is too high for him, no climbing job too difficult. Where others do not even think that there is a way, he finds a way to the top and treads undaunted!.