Georg Prokosch

About me


Since 1985 I am working with computer.

As a student at the Technical University of Graz, my first programming experience startet  at the data center located in the Steyrergasse in Graz, the computer was at that time still lined with perforated cards, he was programmed in FORTRAN language.

Unbelievable at that time was that once in every household would be a computer of  the 100-fold performance. What sens a computer make  depends primarily on the program that runs on it. Therefore, I work primarily with programming languages (C, C ++ and C # for stationary applications running on the computer and PHP, Perl, HTML, etc. for Internet applications) to generate user programs that fits perfectly to my customers.

By an order to write a medical technical program for the Vienna General Hospital I came to a medical equipment company and worked there as a medical technician. In this area, the computer became a more and more important role, now Computers are an integral part of almost any area of our lives.

Accordingly, it is difficult, if the unit is no longer working the way you are used to.

In April 2007, I have therefore set up a service company where every PC user can get the help he needs. I offer my services directly at the customer, no matter whether it is training the user or to find defects on the computer itself. Also programs and websites are developed in close cooperation with the customer in large parts directly in his office enabling an optimal and very timely implementation of customer requirements.